Công nghệ mới micro START CNC máy cắt kim loại / máy cắt plasma di động cnc

Chi tiết nhanh

trạng thái: Còn mới
Model Number: OEM
Điện áp: 220 V / 380V
Công suất định mức: 7.5kw
Kích thước (L * W * H): Kiểu máy
Trọng lượng: 1000kg
Chứng nhận: CE ISO
Bảo hành 1 năm
Dịch vụ hậu mãi cung cấp: Kỹ sư có sẵn cho máy móc dịch vụ ở nước ngoài


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Tính năng chính

1.Stability and reliability of light path system and control system
2.Imported original fiber lasers,high and stable function,lifespan is over 100000 hours
3.Higher cutting quality and efficiency ,cutting speed is up to 80m/min with appearance and beautiful cutting edge
4.German high performance reducer,gear and rack;Japanese guide and ball screw. Applicable Industry and materials :fiber laser cutting machine application:metal cutting, electrical switch manufacturing, aerospace, food machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, locomotive manufacturing, agriculture and forestry machinery, elevatormanufacture, special vehicles, household appliances, tools, processing, IT manufacturing, oil machinery, food machinery, diamond tools, welding, welding gear, metal materials, decoration advertising, laser surface treatment of foreign processing services, such as all kinds of machinery processing industry.Our fiber laser cutting machine's Application Materials:Professional used to cut thin sheet metal, in a variety of high quality 0.5 -3 mm carbon steel sheet cutting, can also be cutting stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, galvanized sheet, electrolyticplate, silicon steel, titanium alloy, aluminium zinc plate and other metal.